Monday, April 23, 2007

The town so nice, they named it twice

The Blonde and I went to the City this weekend to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary and had a great time.

We saw three shows. A rather tepid production of Craig Lucas' "Prelude To A Kiss" with John Mahoney. I remember really liking the movie with Alec Baldwin and Meg Ryan, but ultimately the script is stupid. We got half price via the TKTS booth so no biggie.

Nixon/Frost was next. Wow. I believe we saw the final preview perfomance as this review was in this morning's NYT. Langella was wonderfully surreal as Nixon and Michael Sheen's rendering of David Frost was superb. Great staging and pace. The theatre was buzzing before and after the show.
The highlight of the weeked though was at Joe Papp's Public Theatre in the Village. We saw Philip Seymour Hoffman in a little show called Jack Goes Boating about a lovable and lonely stoner and his friends who try to fix him up. A very nice little script and a great performance by Phil. We had front row center seats in a very intimate space and I doubt that I'll ever be as close to an Oscar winner...particularly when he's smoking a bong.

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