Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Random Ten

Allorolla -- Nick Lowe
Rental Car -- Beck
D Is For Dangerous -- Arctic Monkeys
Fruit Nut -- XTC
Receipt -- Vanity Crash
Don't Make Me A Target -- Spoon
Fuck And Run -- Liz Phair
Walking Spanish -- Tom Waits
Lonely As You -- Foo Fighters
Somebody Help Me -- John Fogerty

GG's Birthday Weekend Bonus Cut:

Only You Know And I Know -- Joan Osborne

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Patricia Heaton

Local former Westside gal Pat Heaton must have let all that Right Wing Xtian goo she's a fan of get to her brain because it doesn't appear to function very well at all. This video was off of the tubes for a while but someone put it back up there. Ha.

I mean, holy shit, did Ray Romano have to give her biscuits and juice boxes to just get her to learn her lines? Wow.

The burns.

Friday Random Ten

Me And The Eagle -- Steve Earle
It Could Be Sweet -- Portishead
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle -- Nirvana
Unemployable -- Pearl Jam
Long Chain On -- The Knitters
The Bleeding Heart Show -- The New Pornographers
Johnny Too Bad -- Steve Earle
Do Me a Favour -- Arctic Monkeys
Personality Crisis -- New York Dolls
Australia -- The Shins


Dixie Fried -- Carl Perkins

Fuck the Right

Or at least that's what I think Joe Conason is saying in his piece today over at Salon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Health care video

Ya know, it pains me everyday that we continue to wage two simultaneous wars and along with a host of other social and political issues, all we seem to want to discuss these days is health care reform.

That said, I find it ever so ridiculous that all I ever hear from the corporatists is that we're the envy of the world in terms of innovation and that when you're really sick, people come to America for a cure. While those two things may be true, innovation does not at all translate in better health care. We're still way behind in terms of infant mortality and dozens of other global metrics.

Secondly, it's only the super rich who come here for major transplants and unique treatments offered no where else. The Cleveland Clinic is famous for treating major Middle Eastern players for instance but as for their local citizens...not so much.

Anyhoo, I've attached a clip from Scarborough's coffee klatch this morning with Matt Taibbi who throws down with CNBC's Cruella DeVille. She's icky.

Viciously Ironic

Ezra Klein paints a less than happy picture for the both the future of H.R. 3200 as well as Teddy's health.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I like this plenty.

Clean up on aisle 1...

Straight into death's sweet embrace goes another, and one of the OG's, conservative media hack.

Bob "Nosferapundit*" Novak undead at age 78. The sky seems bluer, the food tastes better and bird are singing more sweetly today don't you think?.

Oh, and Valerie Plame wins.

*allusion courtesy of Reddy Rooster

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whole Foods

Don't shop there. Owner is a right wing tool.

Tiger loses

As many of you may be aware, my attitude towards Tiger Woods is less than positive.

He over-celebrates small accomplishments, pouts like an L'Enfant terrible when things go wrong and sets a tone on the golf course of self admonition and punishment that drains the fun right out of the bucket.

He got crushed by a relative nobody this afternoon and I couldn't be more pleased.

Acting like a bully and an asshole for all of these years is not productive. Karmic payback is a stone cold bitch, eh Tiger?

Frank Rich

Frank Rich always has an eye towards the zeitgeist of any given era and he's captured a few of them in this week's Op-Ed.

"Only pot remains eternal"...heh.


Found this out on the Tubes this morning. It's from Ukraine's Got Talent. Eight minutes of your life well spent. Simply amazing.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Take Down

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I'm confident that this clip will be making the rounds of all of those "popular" websites and blogs.

You, on the hand, can proudly declare that you saw it here first. That is, of course, unless you watched The Daily show last night or already saw this somewhere else this morning.

In short, this stuff is why we love Jon Stewart.

Friday Random Ten

Creepin' Up The Backstairs -- The Fratellis
I Predict A Riot -- Kaiser Chiefs
Hollywood Perfume -- The Pretenders
Round N' Round -- Chris Isaak
A Head With Wings -- Morphine
The Government Darling -- Spoon
Metropolitan Glide -- Tom Waits
Between Dark And Dawn -- Nick Lowe
LowDown -- Tom Waits
Can't Buy Me Love -- The Beatles

Bonus Du Jour

Corruption -- Iggy Pop

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deluxe Nutball Rant, with Nazis on the side

As always, I'm grateful to David Neiwert for continuing to stay on the trail of Glenn Beck.

Beck has an hour-long program on Faux News every evening @ 5:00. He also has a three hour syndicated radio show on every weekday on hundreds of local affiliates. This eight minute clip is representative of what he is saying and has been saying every day for months now about Obama's administration. He's remarkably dangerous and influential to a vast sea of sad, misled, scared and lonely people.

Glenn Beck is the most loathsome, imbecilic, self exploitative and manipulative person that may have ever had a broadcast career. He makes Father Coughlin look like a piker.

I hate Glenn Beck with the white hot intensity of ten thousand suns.

Advice Column

Here are some good ideas for the current POTUS.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cave Drawings

Hopefully Tom Tomorrow's archives will be found by folks in the future and they'll realize that we all weren't bat guano crazee.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Random Ten

Try Your Best -- Kaiser Chiefs
Hot Shaved Asian Teens -- Glenn Tilbrook
Praying Hands -- Devo
Orange Blossom Special -- Johnny Cash
A Legal Matter -- The Who
Pam Berry -- The Shins
Honey Pie -- The Beatles
Falling In And Out Of Love -- Tracey Ullman
A New England -- Billy Bragg
F**k You -- Lily Allen

Extree Bonus Cut:

Dawna -- Morphine

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Feel good story of the year

Here's one to brighten your day. Too bad the fact checkers over at the Onion couldn't do just a little bit of research on street corners around downtown Cleveland.


You have to wait until the end of the clip to hear Ol' Larry give up the money shot of "wet their pants", but there's another word he blurts out at the beginning of his interview with Nurse Ratched that I'd like to examine.

When Nick and I were playing eight-ball during last winter in the basement, we coined a pejorative phrase to call ourselves upon hitting a wildly errant shot during the match.

That word is cunk. It's a hybrid curse created from the mash-up of cock and, well, you know....

Listen closely to Eagleburger at about the :57 mark in the tape and see if Larry hasn't directly ripped us off in his description of Kim Jong Il.

Larry is a whack muthafukka. Who knew?

And by the way, kudos to the Big Dog for pulling this off. Nobody does this diplomacy dance better than Bill and I'm proud he's out there noodlin' with the dials of history.

Tick, tick, tick...

This is too clever by half and mostly correct from where I sit.

I mean, c'mon's about you grow a pair and get going on these issues. You have no idea how continuing the fight in Afghanistan is pissing me off.

He's done some interesting things so far, but on the big stuff like this he is fast fading into obscurity.

*Clickin' it makes it bigger.