Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And in the "it's a small world" dept.

I know Roland Burris. Well, at any rate, I used to work for his wife, Burlean and met him several times. She wore so much makeup, we used to called her May-burlean. She was fairly ineffective...a typical pol's wife.

He ain't no bundle of brilliance either come to think of it.

Ha. I hadn't thought about her in years.

Monday, December 29, 2008



Oh, and never forget...

...nice guys finish last.

Predictions for 2009

No, not mine you ninnies, James Kunstlers'. Read 'em at your own peril...

Bush's Legacy

Yeah, yeah, I know that I said I wasn't going to do any more Bush bashing, but this WAPO article very clearly defines what has happened to our regulatory agencies in the past 8 years. Partisanship and cronyism has ruled the day and yet we continue to actually wonder aloud about how the lead paint got into Li'l Jimmy's toys or how the e coli got into his Happy Meal.

President Obama needs to make short work of these former appointees and get back to a functional structure of government of proper regulation that leaves behind the false notion of a "free market economy" ASAP.

All Bush supporters HATE America. There is no other rationale for the continued support of this level of malfeasance.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Good Doctor

I was driving around the other day and as is my habit, I was listening to WTAM's slate of hate radio. Fat Fool Mike Trivisonno was belching up food and blathering on about how certain events or statements in a politicians career can cost them their livelihood.

As evidence he cited the downfall of Howard Dean after his now infamous Yeeeeaaarrrgghhh screech in the 2004 primaries.

In that light, I'd be happy to invite Mike to have a gander at this piece by Ari Berman in The Nation and to get a better perspective on the former Governor from New Hampshire. I doubt that "Triv" could get through all of the big words in the first four sentences, but I'm counting that several of you will be able to finish the article and emerge more informed from your efforts.

From one Bob to another

Here's a link to Bob Herbert's column this morning where he advises US to wise up...and be quick about it.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gaza calling

This is a swell way to start the New Year in the Middle East. Madam Secretary better get to work, tout suite.

Harold Pinter

I know that I had already put a post up about his passing the other day, but if you've got a few minutes to read this lengthy obituary from the Guardian, it's well worth the visit. He's a very major deal in the U.K.

I've done my share of theatre but the play that sticks in my mind as my all-time favourite to perform is without doubt, The Caretaker. Harold Pinter is a primary reason I may have ever referred to myself as an actor and I think that Pinter's contribution is positively enormous to the modern stage. Playing the old man, Davies, was as difficult a task as I've ever tackled on stage.

I will always hold Pinter in great regard. Feel free to enjoy this groovy clip from the 1963 film with Alan Bates and Donald Pleasance.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Belated Merry Christmas

I always liked Darlene Love's voice. She rocks it on Dave from a couple of years ago. Enjoy.

When in Kabul

Well, the gov'mint has been selling sex to us for years, why not try it out on the enemy? A creative whilst kinda spooky resolve to the world's problems if you ask me. That's it fellas, let's fuck our way out of the pickle...so to speak.

Cum to think of it, the CIA's method does put me in mind of this now infamous international festival that I just missed the other day. Now that that seems a far better approach. Sorry I missed the date, but then again, it's not too late to chip in after the fact. The world can always use another good saucy orgasm, eh?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Flee to the Cleve

I guess there was some dumb dustup in the past couple of weeks over some negative comments made about Cleveland by a booking agent in NYC.

As usual folks from here over-reacted to the tawdry offenses of the puffed up New Yorkers. Harrumph.

The whole thing put me in mind of this hilarious clip from 30 Rock. Ha.


Mine was pretty uneventful and bloody well cold from a weather perspective. Juan Cole spent a somewhat warmer one in Southern California and was evidently much impressed by Pastor Rick Warren.

Listen, I have no affection for Warren's bellicose stance towards gay marriage and alternate lifestyles in general.

However, with people like Juan Cole and Melissa Etheridge finding new ground to have open discussions with these kinds of conservative religious leaders, I figure we may just be making some inroads towards a common ground and a healthier dialogue about the social quandaries that seem to plague this nation of ours.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Oh, and don't forget that today is not only the Winter Solstice but it's also the final day of Zappdan. Rock with some Frank!

Friday Random Ten... late Sunday edition

My fan base of one was squawking at me last night at a cocktail party about not posting the FRT this week. In that light, I give you the delinquent Ten.

Long, Long, Long -- The Beatles
Long Way To Go -- Gwen Stefani and Andre 3000
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams -- Green Day
Redrum -- Tom Waits
Fashion -- David Bowie
I Believe -- Petra Haden and Bill Frisell
Satin In A Coffin -- Modest Mouse
Part Of Me, Part Of You -- The Finn Brothers
When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around* -- The Police
P. S. 78 -- Gruppo Sportivo

Bonus lateness penalty track:

This House Is A Rockin' -- The Brian Setzer Orchestra

* (yep, that's really the full title of the song)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A really big shoe

I'm really going to try to wind down my focus on the Bush Administration in the coming months and work on documenting the things that Obama has in store for us instead.

That said, here's Bob Scheer's capsulization of the reign of the The Shrub in the Middle East. A true folly of epic proportions that I will never forget.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


All I can say is come to Cleveland. We're the Otis of cities.


Doncha just love James Wolcott?

He's like this weird, contemporary Oscar Wildean, punk rock sophisticate who trundles around Manhattan doing the most "clevah" things and writing about them in the fashionable magazines.

I dig his style, man.

Monday, December 15, 2008


We've still got about a week left until Zappadan ends on the 21st and I am going to keep lifting cool videos from my pals over at The Aristocrats.

I found this interview with Ruth Underwood this morning and her depiction of Frank in this session seems just about like I would've imagined him. Plus, she plays the middle section of St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast in the middle of the video.

Behold the amazing Ruth!


Say what you will, The Chimp got out of the way mighty quickly here. Excellent reflexes on his part. There, I finally said something polite about Miserable Failure after two full years of blogging.

In any case, while this incident is comedy gold and I could watch it over and over again, the salient point of the video I've posted comes later in the piece. The Iraqi people are rightfully fed up with the American Occupation after 5 and one half years. Why not try listening to them for a change?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Random Ten

Little Palaces -- The Costello Show
When It Rains -- X
Let's Call It Love -- Sleater-Kinney
Life Wasted -- Pearl Jam
Home To Houston -- Steve Earle
The Girl I Can't Forget -- Fountains of Wayne
Kid -- The Pretenders
It Ain't Me Babe -- Nancy Sinatra
Mothership Connection -- Parliament (getting down in 3-D)
Checkered Floor -- Silversun Pickups

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Best of The Worst

Ah yes, it's the beginning of the end of the year lists...

I found this one on Media Matters via Atrios. So much hate and ignorance out there.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is going to be painful to watch.

Oh well, at least we only play the Yankees two series each year any more, but still...it burns.

I love me some C.C. Sabathia, but read the article with care and you'll observe there is scant mention of his post season performance which any Tribe fan will tell you, kinda blows.

The only excerpt from the piece that references the post season reads, "He lost his only start in the playoffs, lasting 3 2/3 innings in a 5-2 loss to the Phillies. The Brewers lost the best-of-five Division Series in four games". Pure C.C.

Just sayin'.

Hot Rod

The Governor from Illinois has really shown his colors. I did not know however that Pat Fitzgerald was the lead investigator on the case. Yikes! Blagojevich is SO screwed.

Personally, I'd put him on some kind of suicide watch. What a moron.

Of course, TBogg finds a way to make all of this way too funny.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lily Allen

The ever cheeky Ms. Allen has another new hit on her hands. Clever girl.


I knew I was feelin' blue about something yesterday and then just now remembered it was the 28th anniversary of John Lennon's murder.

His violent and untimely death always pisses me off and saddens me greatly. War is Over helps to soothe things a bit, tho'. Here's a nice cover of that song from The Corrs with Big Dog in the house.

Wow...28 years.


This is not good at all...

Pundit Kitchen

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

Words fail me...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Fair Deal Dan

You know, I have been wondering the exact same thing as this guy from Truthdig.

Why, in a competitive market, is there no talk whatsoever about GM, Ford or Chrysler being swallowed up by an actually SOLVENT car company? Perhaps these bloated financial train wrecks are so bad that no forward thinking corporation would consider touching them with a ten foot tire iron.

But still, in a free market economy, it's astounding that no one is broaching this as a potential solution.


Our friend Andy Leonard talks to the Shrill One who lays out some dire predictions for the short term and long range future.

The money shot is the last paragraph of the article. Never forget people...never forget.

Friday, December 05, 2008

More Frank

Here's the cut I mentioned from below I found out on the tubes. Cosmic Debris contains what I believe to be the best guitar solo in the history of rock. Crank it up at exactly the 2:00 mark in the song.

Friday Random Ten Zappadan Edition

Warrior--Steve Earle
After The Fall--Ray Davies
The Bagman's Gambit -- The Decemberists
Spread -- Outkast
Playboy To A Man -- Elvis Costello
Give Me Novacaine -- Green Day
Tell Me -- The Rolling Stones
Chinese Rocks -- Johnny Thunders
She Called Me Daddy -- Iggy Pop
Whole Wide World -- The Proclaimers

Bonus Zappadan cut...

Cosmic Debris -- Frank Zappa


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dr. Cole

Juan Cole lays out a beautiful argument that encompasses why college tuition is so high and why getting high has cost us so much.

Positively brilliant.


Hey everyboday, it's that time of year again over at The Aristocrats.

I got totally blogrolled last year which was cool so I'll be submitting something again this year to celebrate the Year of Our Frank.

Feel free to throw out any memories you may like to share of FZ yourselves...send 'em to Mark at mhoback@gmail.com and I'm sure he'll be happy to publish them!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Opening Night

Elvis' new television show hits the Sundance Channel tonight. I'm going to DVR it and see wot's what. Heather over at Salon gives it a passing grade.

Death to traitors

Compare and contrast.

Here are some real stats as they relate to the War in Iraq.

And then here is what Karl Rove had to say yesterday about the rush to war in 2003. I wonder what all of the dead and maimed US soldiers and Iraqi citizens think about Rove's declaration?

They lied their way into the war and now they're revising that history yet again. Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz are positively despicable subhuman trash and should be put to death for their war crimes.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

January 20th, 2009

As Tall As Cliffs

We're down to 48 days folks.

Here's a video to celebrate the date with backing audio from indie darlings, Margot and The Nuclear So and So's...

Shadowy Men

Another lost Bush heard from. This time it's Jebbie via that journalistic stand-out, NewsMax!

A "shadow government" indeed.

Man...between this guy, Sarah Palin and the Fat Man, we're in for some easy sailin' for the next eight years if their comments are in any way reflective of the future of the GOP.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Miserable Failure

Mutherfuckin' liar. Gosh, has this loser no bottom to his craven lack of values? If you voted for him, supported him in any way or ever try to sell me on how this silly frat boy is a decent man, I'll throat chop you on the spot.

What a horrible man.

In light of Bush's interview, I give you the lyrics to Elvis Costello's brilliant ballad about another famous and much hated evil doer, Maggie Thatcher.

Ladies and germs...Tramp The Dirt Down.

I saw a newspaper picture from the political campaign
A woman was kissing a child, who was obviously in pain
She spills with compassion, as that young childs
Face in her hands she grips
Can you imagine all that greed and avarice
Coming down on that childs lips

Well I hope I dont die too soon
I pray the lord my soul to save
Oh Ill be a good boy, Im trying so hard to behave
Because theres one thing I know, Id like to live
Long enough to savour
Thats when they finally put you in the ground
Ill stand on your grave and tramp the dirt down

When england was the whore of the world
Margeret was her madam
And the future looked as bright and as clear as
The black tarmacadam
Well I hope that she sleeps well at night, isnt
Haunted by every tiny detail
cos when she held that lovely face in her hands
All she thought of was betrayal

And now the cynical ones say that it all ends the same in the long run
Try telling that to the desperate father who just squeezed the life from his only son
And how its only voices in your head and dreams you never dreamt
Try telling him the subtle difference between justice and contempt
Try telling me she isnt angry with this pitiful discontent
When they flaunt it in your face as you line up for punishment
And then expect you to say thank you straighten up, look proud and pleased
Because youve only got the symptoms, you havent got the whole disease
Just like a schoolboy, whose heads like a tin-can
Filled up with dreams then poured down the drain
Try telling that to the boys on both sides, being blown to bits or beaten and maimed
Who takes all the glory and none of the shame

Well I hope you live long now, I pray the lord your soul to keep
I think Ill be going before we fold our arms and start to weep
I never thought for a moment that human life could be so cheap
cos when they finally put you in the ground
Theyll stand there laughing and tramp the dirt down

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Reasons to be cheerful from Think Progress...

Be thankful we'll soon have a president who will hit the ground running instead of a president who is running the country into the ground.

Be thankful that Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are demonstrating every night how strong and intelligent progressive voices can be successful on TV.

Be thankful we live in a center-left America rather than "Hannity's America."

Be thankful John McCain has more time to spend in the houses he owns...even if he can't remember them all.

Be thankful Sarah Palin has more time to watch over Russia and warn us in case Vladimir Putin ever "rears his head."

Be thankful that we're moving closer towards a complete withdrawal from Iraq.

Be thankful for Tina Fey.

Be thankful to be liberal hacks.

Be thankful that our troops will be able to get the education they so richly deserve.

Be thankful that reality still has a liberal bias.

Be thankful that there are only 55 days left until the end of the George W. Bush presidency.

Be thankful for the progressive mandate to govern.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Under reported

Mr. E from Gilbert, AZ sent me a Daily Kos link the other day about High Speed Rail.

That post had another link to the article for the LA Times about the bill that was introduced by John Kerry and Arlen Spector called the The High-Speed Rail for America Act of 2008.

It's a small step, but hey, something is better than nuthin' and certainly reason to be thankful, eh?

He really pulled the room together

Yes, it's the real dude behind the inspiration for the Coen Bros.

Seriously, it is...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Manly Man

Hey, check it out, a Gender Analyzer for blogs. I was viewed as being proto butch. I guess it's due to all of the swearing I do online.

Fuckin' A.

Cadillac Records

The story of Chess Records hits theatres next week. Lots of cool actors playing some very interesting folks, up to and including my main man, Mos Def playing Chuck Berry.

My Space page for the movie is here...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ted Haggard

Ah yes, the modern version of Elmer Gantry has risen from the ashes and returned to public life as a evangelical pastor.

That is, of course, if Elmer Gantry were to have been a closeted meth head with a taste for rough trade male hookers.

Gosh, I guess you really can have a Second Act in American public life.

Muqtada watch

We haven't heard from our old pal Muqtada Al Sadr in a while so I thought I'd check in and see what's doing with the Mook.

Seems he had hisself a little street party the other day and they hung the chimp in effigy in the exact same square where US troops staged the pulling down of the Saddam statue several years ago.

I still say that Al Sadr is singularly the most dangerous and potentially world changing guy as it relates to US troops getting out of Iraq. We shall see how Hillary decides to deal with him in the coming months, eh?

Interesting times indeed.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Data Points

Years from now when the Right Wing noise machine has successfully blamed the ills of America on the outgoing Obama administration, just remember who was really at fault during the first 8 years of the millennium.

This will help you to recall the truth.

Just keep talking

Radio killed the radio star. El Rushbo, Laura Ingraham and the rest should just keep on blabbing 'cause the more they talk the bigger the hole they dug for themselves gets.

Nate Silver as much as says so and that's good enough for me...

What Digby said...

In yet another edition of What Digby said...we find some most excellent truthiness in her musings. We are such a nation of sheeple.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bobo on the Bus

It seems wee man, David Brooks, is along for the ride to stability town on the Obama Greyhound. Yeah, yeah, I know...with friends like these, right?

In any case, after two plus weeks, the new President-Elect has made some fine choices from nearly every perspective and unless, you're still listening to El Rushbo howling into the wind that we've handed his country over to a bunch of rabid "socialists", most of the critics from the Fourth Estate are joining sides with our Mr. Brooks.

Wreckin' Ball

Surely everyone has seen the video by now of Bible Spice chatting about her Thanksgiving day plans while the camera angle picks up a very methodical turkey farmer slitting the throat of a few birds in the background of the the interview.

Gosh, she's dumb.

Anyway, go here if want to watch the video. It's pretty fuckin' gruesome.

It actually put me in mind of the clip I've attached to this post which features the brilliant work of the Knitters with their pal, Dave Alvin from the Blasters. This song could just about turn me into a vegetarian. Here are the lyrics...

Well I woke up this morning lookin' for some kicks
Went out to the barnyard to stomp on some chicks
They call me Wreckin' Ball, 'cause I'm the baddest of them all.

I got a bullet head and one stray eye, my back's been broken twice
Wear overalls and big black boots, my pants is full of lice
They call me Wreckin' Ball, 'cause I'm the baddest of them all.

I'll stomp on an egg, I'll stomp on a duck
Geese or Cornish hens, I don't give a fuck
They call me Wreckin' Ball, 'cause I'm the baddest of them all.

Roosters and Hens and all their feathered friends,
They know it's time to fly when I come stomping by
Cock-a-doodle do I'm gonna put my tread on you.
And that's the call of the Wreckin' Ball.

Two of my favourite things

I stumbled across this clip on the Innertubes the other day. It combines some hilarious clips and highlights of Johnny Depp's bravura performance in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas set to the dulcet tones of the Dead Kennedy's cover of Viva Las Vegas.

It doesn't get any more American than this folks.

Sam and I saw Jello Biafra and the boys at the old Cleveland Agora circa 1979. Their musicianship stunk but they sure had plenty of gas in their tank.

Friday Random Ten

I love to hear you say my name
Especially when you say yes
I got your body right now on my mind
And I drunk myself blind to the sound of old T-Rex
To the sound of old T-Rex
Haulass Hyena -- The Cramps
Green Monkeys -- Graham Parker
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) --Arcade Fire
Please Don't Rock Me Tonight -- Fountains Of Wayne
The Modern World -- The Jam
You Better You Bet -- The Who
Don't Deceive Me -- Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Sleepwalkin' -- Modest Mouse
Buckets Of Rain -- Bette Midler
Buzz Fledderjohn -- Tom Waits

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crash, boom, bang

Swell, the Dow is just closed under 8ooo for the first time sine 2003. I'm think I'm gonna go kill Mr. Andrea Mitchell.

Liberty Dollar

I really didn't pay much attention to Ron Paul during the election cycle the past couple of years, but I was aware of his fondness for the Liberty Dollar.

It turns out the inventor of the Liberty Dollar has retired to something of a "higher" calling.


Back from Hiatus

Hey y'all,

I was back at the Cuyahoga County BOE this week working the special election for Stephanie Tubbs Jones' seat so posting has been light to say the least what with the departure of the RedMan from the docket.

Here's the latest skinny.

We're inches aways from Al Franken being the Jr. Sen. from MN; Ted Stevens is well on his way to becoming 84, er...sorry, 85 (Happy Birthday Senator) year old man candy for some lucky Northwood's felon, and Joe Lieberman still sucks. Although, if GA and MN goe our way, the descision not to censure ol' Droopy Dog may prove a master stroke.

Hmmm....Masterstroke...sounds like a good prison-bitch name for Ted Stevens.

Oh, and Chuck Hagel fuckin' rules!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Random Ten

Roses -- Outkast
Zen Archer -- Todd Rundgren
Palestine, Texas -- T Bone Burnett
Spread --Outkast
Me And The Bean --Spoon
Little Sister -- Dwight Yoakam
When The World Is Running Down -- The Police
New York -- Sex Pistols
Dark Star -- Beck
The View -- Modest Mouse

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

John Leonard

Yeah, I know that I promised I wouldn't put up any more weepy post-election stuff, but at the urging of my brother, I just can't resist this one.

John Leonard was a pretty famous guy that would frequent CBS' ever wonderful Sunday Morning program on occasion among other things. You can't be too shabby of a person when your Wikipedia references have glowing quotes about you from both Studs Terkel and Kurt Vonnegut.

His son writes for Salon and has eulogized his dad thusly.

And so it goes.