Monday, July 09, 2007

Insert head in sand


Yeah, that's right, it's noise that caused this guy to shoot multiple people, or maybe he's not a civil enough neighbor, or he's a rage-a-holic. Shit.

How come guns and easy access to their inherently designed killing power is never broached on these all too numerous occasions of a shooting rampage?

Listen, everybody gets angry at some point in their lives to do what this Cleveland fireman did over the 4th.

Seriously, we do. He's not unique.

The real issue at hand here is guns. We can get as pissed off as we want, maybe even hit our neighbor with a ball bat or a tire iron, but there's no fucking way we can kill and maim numerous times without that weapon in our hand.

We've proven time and time again that we're just not evolved enough in this American society to warrant the use of legalized firearms. Until we come to grips with that sad and very apparent truth, no one should be "surprised that this could happen here"...

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