Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Random Ten

Animals -- Talking Heads
Imagine -- John Lennon
Ego Tripping At The Gate -- The Flaming Lips
Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking -- Snow Patrol
When It Rains -- X
Friend Of A Friend -- Foo Fighters
Burning With Optimism's Flame -- XTC
Natural Disaster -- Andrew Bird
Buzz Buzz -- The Brian Setzer Orchestra
Sing Me Spanish Techno -- The New Pornographers


reddyrooster said...

Was it a millionaire who said, "Imagine no possessions"?

Cleveland Bob said...

Brother Dave appears to be earning his badge in cryptic Elvis Costello references. Cheers.

reddyrooster said...

It's a great line, made all the more potent given how EC revered Lennon. I HATE that fucking song, even if I do agree with the sentiment(s). I think it was ruined for me by this velveteen lounge act I saw way back when I was doing scrubpot duty at the Treadway. Bill Murray couldn'ta done it better... or worse.