Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Random Ten

What Do I Get? -- Buzzcocks
Tweakers -- Spoon
To Hell With Poverty -- Gang Of Four
Half A Woman -- Fountains Of Wayne
Hands Open -- Snow Patrol
Rebel Music -- Wyclef Jean
I Just Want To Make Love To You -- Rolling Stones
No Lonesome Tune -- Townes Van Zandt
Blacklisted -- Neko Case
Ask Me Anything -- The Strokes

And a final video tribute to Lebron James from the one and only Lily Allen...


qtwain said...

Nice tribute to the King. My only hope is that the Heat fans get to "witness" the same high caliber of play that we got to see from LBJ in the Celtics series.

Cleveland Jeff said...

Nice send-off.
And a nice 10.
Here's the occasional alternate 10:
Sister Morphine- Marianne Faithful
Trouble No More- Allman Brothers
Reckless Blues- Madeline Peyroux
Nothing Can Help You Now- Lenny Curtis
Here Comes President Kill Again- XTC
Homefront- E.M.P. Project
Heaven Is In Your Mind- Traffic
Bad 'N' Ruin- Faces
Linger- Jonatha Brooke
Real Light- Jayhawks

Cleveland Bob said...


That's a great XTC tune.

BTW, do you have a copy of Jimmy Bell's Still in town by 15-60-75?

I'll burn one for ya if you don't....