Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Random Ten (Halloween edition)

Blood Lying On The Snow -- The Proclaimers
Jerry's Breakdown -- Jerry Reed & Chet Atkins
Two Knights And Maidens -- Crash Test Dummies
Pink Bullets -- The Shins
The Singing Song -- George Shearing
Love's Not A Competition, But I'm Winning -- Kaiser Chiefs
Woe -- Tom Waits
Bombs Away --The Police
Tramp The Dirt Down -- Elvis Costello
Fraud In The 80's -- Mates Of State

Bonus trick or treat cut:

Steve's Hammer -- Steve Earle


reddyrooster said...

That is on wild-ass FRT, dude. Jerry Reed & Chet Atkins? Ha, ha...

Cleveland Bob said...

Well, as I had mentioned last week, I imported a busload of discs into the library. I think it was more than 2400 songs. I'm still only at 35Gb which translates into about 6400 tunes.

Regardless, I now have access to a much wider range of classical, country, jazz and other stuff. I had previously only imported Rock.