Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unfortunate truths

Bob Herbert on the Tuscon shootings.

I used to think that our gun culture would someday come to its senses. It never will.

I joined and volunteered for the National Coalition to Ban Handguns when I lived in NYC back in the early Eighties after John Lennon had been shot. My impetus was actually a post weekend column, circa 1983, in the Daily News that chronicled all of the extraordinary gun mayhem that had occurred over the previous 48 hours.

My recollection on the precise data is now long gone, but I remember this particularly jarring statistic. The deaths from that weekend's gun play in the 5 Boroughs was a total greater than the guns deaths from the previous year combined in England, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Australia and Japan.

One weekend, one American city versus 13 nations...you do the math.

I'm afraid I'll have to agree with Bob Herbert. Things will never change.

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reddyrooster said...

You are both correct, sir... nothing will ever change in this regard.

I useta think after MLK and RFK in '68 that we might have had a chance to stem this flow of blood, but that ship sailed a long fucking time ago.

If all gun sales in this kkkuntry stopped today, it would still be too late.

Lock and load, bitches!