Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tribe Time

Let's see now...

Best record in baseball

Great stats in team hitting and pitching.

26th in Payroll.

I've always maintained (via a very funny George Carlin bit) that every time a batter comes to the plate, the PA announcer should inform the assembled faithful of each of the player's salaries versus their batting averages. Sure would make for a different dynamic at the ol' ballyard, eh?

Oh, and yeah, suck on that, Boston.

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Cleveland Jeff said...

This year is when the Indians front office refused to sell me and my buddy Scott the 20-game ticket package we had purchased from them for the last 15 years. They wouldn't sell us our seats because they wanted to cram us together in two sections behind home plate instead of selling us our same seats we'd bought for FIFTEEN YEARS! I wrote a letter. They called. I called back, twice. Two and a half weeks later, they never called back. Screw 'em.