Tuesday, June 21, 2011

News I Can't Use

I was driving around this morning and heard a piece on the WCLV noon news that Monster.com has released its top Metropolitan Statistical Areas for jobs and growth and Cleveland came in fifth. What the what?!

I'm fast approaching my 4th anniversary of non permanent employment. I've got a B.A., a Masters in Management, a killer resume with some big name corporations and tons of tangible real world experience. Plus, I'm charming as all fuck. Yet...nothing.

I got home and found the story that I had heard on the news. Here it is.

While I was looking about for this news release on the inner Tubes, I came across Prof. Krugman's recent post which has a vastly different take on things that seems to align far more closely to my reality. Sigh.

All I want is a job to go to everyday where someone will pay me a living wage to be the best and most enthusiastic employee in their office. Evidently that's just far too much to ask in today's free fall Depression 2.0.

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