Friday, October 07, 2011

Friday Random Ten

Wind Up -- Foo Fighters
Goodbye -- Eddie Vedder
2000 Miles -- The Pretenders
Misty Valleys -- JP, Chrissie and Fairground Boys
Bad Girl -- New York Dolls
Orchestral Suite #1 in C -- J.S. Bach
Playboy To A Man -- Elvis Costello
Zeke The Freak -- Isaac Hayes
Return To Me -- Chris Isaak
Cleanup Time -- John Lennon (it's John's 71st Birthday on Sunday)


reddyrooster said...

How convenient a Lennon song made it the weekend of his birthday. I demand a reshuffle!

Cleveland Bob said...

Honest Injun. It came up just like the rest...randomly.

BTW, I've always been inept enough to not know how to put italics in the comments. Spill.

Go Brewers!