Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Random Ten

Use It -- The New Pornographers
Your Smoke Screen -- k.d. lang
Sailing To Nowhere -- Broken Bells
Don't Get So Down On Yourself -- Chris Isaak
Solitude -- Django Reinhardt
Cab Driver -- The Mills Brothers
Your Body Is A Wonderland -- John Mayer
1020 AM -- Spoon
Got Some -- Pearl Jam
Let's Forget About It -- Lisa Loeb


toko baju murah said...

Looks really nice! :-)

Creator said...

Nice post and international standard also.Congrats.E2solar Franchesie

Eric walker said...

nice Christmas Birthday Wishes

Eric walker said...

Nice post and international standard also funny happy new year memes

Eric walker said...

keep sharing happy valentines day i love you