Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cavs Win

Haw-haw indeed.
Well, well, well. Not that I'm normally one to gloat, let me take this opportunity to bid farewell to the short and brutish reign of the Detroit Pistons.

Mitch Albom captures it thusly..

It was the Cleveland team beating the Detroit team, undeniably and decisively in, of all places, the fourth quarter, which once upon a time the Pistons used to own.
Not anymore. Detroit's swagger is gone, along with its poise. Despite vows of confidence, of having been here before, this game was the worst loss of all.
"You gotta give them some credit," Chauncey Billups said after the 98-82 blowout -- the second straight year the Pistons have been eliminated in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals. "It wasn't us just losing. They won."

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Bernie said...

So nice to read the analysis from the other side.