Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Star Struck

I'm in the Valley of the Sun for the remainder of the week. IMHO, Phoenix is really a dump. Lots of tire stores selling fancy rims with razor wire being the ubiquitous architectural accoutrement.

Anyhoo, so I'm waiting for my flight yesterday afternoon to depart the Cleve when who walks right by me but the Hon. Rep. Dennis Kucinich. It took me a second to recognize him and of course, I trotted over to say hello. I really had nothing of import to say save a few "atta boys" but at one point I do believe that I told him, "You Rock Dude!"

He was gracious as could be and we soon parted for our respective flights. It was cool.

I'm such a geek.

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Bernie said...

Phoenix is a dump, as are many other so-called "sun belt" cities. I just got back from some business in Dallas. 95 degrees, almost 40% humidity, dry, parched landscape, traffic snarls. Got back and it was 75, no humidity, sunny, nice breeze. Clevo is paradise.