Monday, August 27, 2007

Clay Johnson III

These guys are such a bunch of assclown fanboys. If Chertoff is named AG, this tool (beware, link to NewsMax) is slated to become DHS head.

My favorite excerpt from the "article":

As long as Bush's assistant, Karen Keller, says the president is free, Johnson is one of a half dozen administration officials who can see the president without a scheduled appointment. He is probably the only person to have spanked Barney, a Scottish terrier and the presidential dog.

"Barney was on the oval carpet making a nuisance of himself," Johnson told me. "So I spanked him and told him, ‘No!' and I put him on the sofa with me. I think that's the only time he's been spanked."

"That shows what a close friend Clay is," said Logan Walters, Bush's former personal assistant, who witnessed the event. "He's the only person I know who could spank the president's dog, inside or outside the Oval Office."

Good Lordy what a charade our gov'mint is.

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