Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hell, yeah.

I tell ya, I looked high and low for evidence that the NY Yankees were actually beaten by a better professional baseball team. But alas, no.

Seriously, scroll down the Daily News site and find one sportswriter giving the Tribe their due. Standard NYC media fare where they're the victim of bad management and dumb luck and somehow, unbelievably, the rubes from the hinterlands lucked out and stole a win.

I also love that the headline of the whole event is Joe fuckin' Torre. I mean, really...who cares? Feh.

Maybe they'll be just as inflated with themselves in Boston where I believe the Indians will have a considerably more challenging task in front of them.

7:00 Friday night @ Fenway. Let's go.

Here's the only article I could find that where the crux of the piece wasn't Joe Torre leaving or A-Rod's collapse. It's from Turkey, folks. Turkey. Rodney Dangerfield ain't got nuthin' on us.

Anyhoo, I think this picture effectively conveys my inner 12 year old this morning. Grady Sizemore is a great baseball player.

This one's pretty good too...


jurassicpork said...

Usually baseball fans have to wait until they actually lose before they become sore losers.

You seem to have more initiative than most, Bob.

reddyrooster said...

Not sure what JP's about wit dat last comment...

So to whom are you referring with that second pic-- Victor or CC? They both rock. Bring on the Sox...