Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mad to the Max

Max Blumenthal is one brave hombre. Would it were that we all had his courage.

Beware, at about the 5:55 mark in the clip there's a

Phyllis Schlafly siting. I'd advise you to look away before she comes on the screen in order to prevent yourself from turning into a pillar of salt, a gingerbread man or some kind of a wart covered toad.

I'm not kidding either, she's entirely capable of such tricks with her Xtian "dark arts".


Bernie Z said...

The latest Esquire has two great pieces (three actually, cuz Charlize Theron is the Sexiest Woman this year). One is on Dennis Kucinich, the other about the diplomatic solution that was available from Iran and was ignored by the White House. Good stuff.

Cleveland Bob said...

Unnnggh. Saw the pictures online. That's some mighty good Theron.

reddyrooster said...

looks more like condi