Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Random Ten...Special Barack Obama Edition

Yes, yes, I am well aware of the hootenanny in Denver this week. Fortunately I've been too busy actually working and training at he Board of Elections this week to maintain any semblance of decent convention coverage.

My training class ends today so I'll be back on the bloggity prowl next week when the schedule levels off.

That said, here is the Ten...

It's Alright--The Redwalls
Turn Around--Carl Perkins
May Ran--The Futureheads
You Stand By Me--The Who
Come Back Margaret--Camera Obscura
The Chariot--The Cat Empire
Truth Drug--Nick Lowe (coming to Cleveland on October 15th!)
Muzzle Of Bees--Wilco
Invisible--Modest Mouse
Across The Universe--Rufus Wainwright

Bonus freedom track...

Get Up Stand Up--Bob Marley and The Wailers

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