Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Random Ten (Vernal Equinox Edition)

The Vernal Equinox occurred about 45 minutes ago so I got that going for me.

Other than that, I got nuthin'...'cept the Ten, of course.

Proud Mary -- Creedence Clearwater Revival
Army Ants -- Tom Waits
Non Alignment Pact -- Pere Ubu
Some Dreams -- Steve Earle
Sweet Little Lisa -- Dave Edmunds
Talent Is An Asset -- Sparks
Long Tall Sally -- Little Richard
The Wild Truth -- T Bone Burnett
Just Like Starting Over -- The Flaming Lips
Terry -- Tracy Ullman

Bonus First Day of Spring cut:

Phoenix City -- Roland Alphonso


darkblack said...

Phoenix City!


Cleveland Bob said...

darkblack is a tasteful patron indeed. He has highlighted a cornerstone of early ska dub beats!

darkblack said...

Not quite 'a trip to Mars' - Merely a personal favorite among the gems in your eclectic list, CB.


Cleveland Jeff said...

One of the better tens to come by in a while. I'll just go for it- here's one back at ya!

Better Back Off-Marshall Crenshaw
Climb On (A Back That's Strong)-Shawn Colvin
Fade Away-Gigolo Aunts
I Will Follow-Kim Richey
Driftin'-Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks
Just One Look-Doris Troy
I Want You-Barb Jungr
You Can't Resist It-Lyle Lovett
Tired Of Waiting For You-Dwight Yokam

bonus: Luck In My Eyes-k.d.lang

I know- where'd the TLC come from? I got nothin' here!
But if you haven't heard Yokum's version of the Kinks classic, all done up big band with horns- it's a gas!

Cleveland Bob said...


I have heard that Dwight cover of Tired of Waiting and indeed it does rock. Faux punks, Green Day, did a really great cover of the same song too.

As for the TLC, what can I say. We'll have to start calling you, Jeff "Left Eye"...