Friday, March 13, 2009

TV Moses

There are several places to go watch last night's TDS interview with Jim Cramer so I won't provide a link. But please, go do so, it's brilliant.

Better served though is a thoughtful examination of the story behind the story which is one of truth. Our Fourth Estate continues to fail us and it appears that our only hope for change in this realm is Jon Stewart.

James Moore lays it down quite nicely for us.

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Liver lips Louie said...

Stewart takes Cramer and CNBC to the wood shed. Cramer does get a thimbleful of credit for admitting a wee bit of culpability and for being willing enough to get whomped on national TV. Unfortunately for Cramer,John Stewart was brilliant and unrelenting. I loved it. Will anyone on CNBC and Wall Street sack up and do what's right? I wouldn't hold my breath. But boy was Stewart great.