Thursday, June 25, 2009

Le Shaq

Well it appears to be official that Shaquille O'Neal is coming to Cleveland to join the Cavaliers. Personally, I'll go on the record that I feel that it's an enormous mistake.

Shaq is 37 years old! If he lasts the entire season without breaking down, I'll be surprised. It appears that this is Dan Gilbert's very desperate ploy to keep Le Bron for a couple more years and potentially win a title. They were obviously way out-manned by Dwight Howard in the Conference Finals, but this trade is too little too late.

This would have been a great trade...ten years ago. Of course that means that LeBron would have been all of 14 years old, but I'd take those odds.

In any case, a warm welcome to Big Diesel. It will be a fun season watching him in the low post as long as those knees hold out.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing to lose with this trade. You give up Ben and Sasha and the 46th pick in a weak draft. They are a better team today and they are not done making moves. Remember Shag did average 30 min, 17.8 pts and 9.4 rebounds this year with the running Suns (all better than Z's stats this year).

Cleveland Bob said...


You're right. It's a great deal on long as Shaq can walk by June of next year.

He did have a great year last year. Let's hope he has another one in his 38th year on the planet.

Brian said...

Shaq will be fine on the court for another year, lets hope egos dont clash.