Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Random Ten

Do You Want To -- Franz Ferdinand
Who Are The Mystery Girls? -- New York Dolls
Lullaby -- The Cat Empire
Bay City Rollers We Love You -- Nick Lowe
Maxwell's Silver Hammer -- The Beatles
Lady Jane -- The Rolling Stones
Time -- Tom Waits
How She Lied By Living -- The Posies
Rex Kramer -- Gomez
Won't Be Long -- The Hives*

*...have I mentioned lately how much The Hives fuckin' rock?


reddyrooster said...

No, I don't believe you have... Saw 'em on the tour that that pic is from and they killed. As did FF, Posies and Gomez, all of whom I've gotten to see this spring/summer. Great list, bro!

Cleveland Jeff said...

don't you love that sick ipod- bay city rollers i love you followed by maxwell's silver hammer, and then lady jane
i'm sorry dave, but i can't let you do that...