Thursday, January 28, 2010

SOTU Review

Being a pinko-leftist-socialist, I have access to only liberal screeds so both of my links today are to that scaborous rag, Salon, which, as we all know, is the modern day electronic version of the Daily Worker.

Anyway, Glenn Greenwald nails Sam Alito to the wall because the tool was acting out like a Jerry Springer audience member during the most visible moment in the speech for the Supremes.

And on a more decorous note, Joan Walsh mirrors my reaction to the SOTU.

Obama, albeit briefly, reminded my of why I voted for him in the first place. The last five minutes really were quite gripping. I'm sure that there's video of it out there somewhere...the most excellent closing stuff begins at about the 1:06 minute mark.

UPDATE: Brother Dave reminded me that The Rude Pundit has a nice slant on last night's oration as well. Tip o' the lid to the Rooster.

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reddyrooster said...

Rudie didn't fail either...