Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Apologies all around

Hi everyone, er, I mean, both of you readers.

A month or so ago, I started getting a good deal of Chinese characters and Viagra spam in my comments section so I enabled the "must approve comments" feature on LMS. I haven't gotten a single notification of any sort and thought that all of you had just forgotten about l'il ol' me.


Now, thanks to my brother and our friend, Cleveland Jeff, I realized that there were actually comments, I just needed to "moderate" them. So, sorry about all that. I think it's called "user error' in the software biz.

Anyway, I'm gonna leave the back door open for a while and leave the "approval" feature on stun. So feel free to comment away to your heart's delight.

Thank you.

The Management.


reddyrooster said...

'Bout fuckin' time. Now can I please get another cup of coffee?

Cleveland Bob said...

See, more ancient Chinese crapola. Fuckers.