Thursday, March 04, 2010

The dingo ate your baby

The Rude Pundit provides us with some scary numbers about the rise of hate groups in these uncertain times.

That, coupled with the forward march of really stupid new carried and conceal laws has me yet again looking northward for asylum from a country that is fast turning into one. Plus, Canada is better at hockey so they've got that going for them.

Anyway, to augment Rudie's point, I've also attached Nick Lowe's best song ever about dogs eating their owners, replete with lyrics...

Marie Provost did not look her best
The day the cops bust into her lonely nest
In the cheap hotel up
on Hollywood West July 29
She'd been lyin' there
for two or three weeks
The neighbors said
they never heard a squeak
For hungry eyes that couid not speak
Said even little doggie's have got to eat
She was winner
The became the doggie's dinner
She never meant that much to me
Oh poor Marie
Marie Provost was a movie queen
Mysterious angel of the silent screen
And run like the wind
the nation's young men steam
When Marie crossed the silent screen
Oh she came out west from New York
But when the talkies came
Marie just couldn't cope
Her public said Marie take a walk
All the way back to New York
Those twin balms didn't help her sleep
As her nights grew long
and her days grew bleak
It's all downhill
once you've passed your peak
Marie got ready for that last big sleep
The cops came in
and they looked around
Throwing up everywhere over
what they found
The handywork of Marie's little dachshund
That hungry little dachshund
Poor Marie, poor Marie, poor poor Marie

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