Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo to all you fucksticks out there in Arizona, the state we love to hate.

As for me, I'm back from the wars at the Board of Elections and I now begin my Census job in earnest. If I'm not fully considered a tool of the govmint by now, I don't know who is...

Anyway, I know that this Divshare thingy is shaky sometimes and doesn't work so well. One trick I figured out is when the applet is visable on your screen, hit "refresh" (that's F5 for you Windows users) and the Divshare file will be playable.

Regardless, here's Jill Solbule with a timely ditty for today's celebration.

1 comment:

Cleveland Jeff said...

Just wanted to praise your choice of Zappa for your lyrical theme this last week or so.

"But I got the crystal ball" he said.