Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday Random Ten

This one's for Bernie.

You've been gone two years this weekend and it still seems like it isn't at all possible that you're not with us any longer.

A bloody fuckin' shame. You're missed Mr. Zofcin...

Gonna See My Friend -- Pearl Jam
25 Minutes To Go -- Johnny Cash
So Like Candy -- Elvis Costello
Holiday -- JET
Longshot Kick Da Bucket -- The Pioneers
Big Man On Paper -- Graham Parker
Return The Favour -- The Hives
Diplomat's Son -- Vampire Weekend
All On A Misty Morning -- Paul Weller
Start! -- The Jam

1 comment:

qtwain said...

I heard Television on the radio when I drove into work this morning and it reminded me of BZ. You're right: he is missed.