Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Random Ten

It's In My Head -- The Who
Show Me -- The Pretenders
Slow Drip -- Superchunk
Time Won't Tell -- Joan Osborne
Don't Buy The Realistic -- Spoon
It's Over -- Roy Orbison
Two Of Us -- Aimee Mann & Michael Penn
You've Got It All Wrong --The Hives
Cocaine Blues -- Johnny Cash
Let's Go To The Disco -- Nick Lowe

Bonus last weekend of Autumn cut...

Here Comes My Baby -- Cat Stevens


reddyrooster said...

I love that new Superchunk record. And that Beatles cover by Mann/Penn is a good one, too.

Isn't that a picture the dude who doesn't die at the end of Quadrophenia?

Cleveland Bob said...

Reddy Rooster's a fookin' wanka.

reddyrooster said...

You KNEW I had to...