Friday, December 03, 2010


Now that all that's left is the echo of the boos, I thought I'd throw in my my two pieces of flair.

First, I find the most hilarious and pathetic component of this whole cheap drama to be that LeBron went from a place that loved him and has a great reverence for sport to a section of the nation that barely gives a crap that they even have professional sports. I remember when the Florida Marlins snatched the World Series from the Tribe in '97, they had a real problem getting bodies in seats in Dade County.

In the now famous case of Rubber v. Glue, I'd like to cite this marketing campaign as evidence that Miami is the most lame of places.

Fan Up...heh.

And secondly, thanks to Mr. Benton's innertubes prowess, there's this uniquely crafted piece from ESPN that frames the who spectacle in a wistful yet hopeful way that makes everything a little more okay and LBJ decidedly less significant to this town.

I'm glad the game is now over with The Heat. Time to move on, folks.

Oh, and by the way, Bobstradamous says Pat Riley will be the head coach of the Heat by the end of the month...

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reddyrooster said...

Fucking GREAT piece by Thompson. Really the whole thing.

And I'll give Spoelstra until the All-Star Break...