Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It puts the Lotion in the Basket

It occurred to me earlier this evening after I had seen another report on the missing soldiers in Iraq that your govmint is playing with our collective emotions yet again.

Remember how in Silence of the Lambs the female Senator whose girl had been abducted was praised by Hannibal Lecter for using and reusing the name of her daughter in her televised pleas for mercy? How that by repeatedly using her name she humanized the girl to her killer so that he might have pity?


The Cheney administration is pulling the same stunt using these three dudes as cloying bait to make us forget that dozens of other soldiers and Iraqi citizens have been maimed or killed while we're "searching" for these three lost...little...lambs.

Are these guys more important or special that the last 3 guys that died in Iraq? And if so, why?

Listen, in the movie the girl survives her captivity by Jaime Gumm, (beautifully played by Ted Levine I might add), and is rescued by the ever resilient Jodie Foster. However, in reality, the lambs do get slaughtered and no one ever comes to their aid until it's too late.

Truly, I mean these brave guys no ill respect. But they're being played for pawns just like Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman have been previously marketed to us.

These are shameful feckin' bastards running our country. Shameful.

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