Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Festivus for...

...those of us who revere Frank.

My pals over at The Aristocrats have created a whole new seasonal festival that really speaks to me.

It's called Zappadan and I for one, will be celebrating the entire fortnight with daily listenings of FZ's muzak. While I await a potential sighting of some zircon encrusted tweezers I welcome anyone who is so inclined to come over and join me in the library/man cave in Fairview Park to celebrate BummerNacht.

And remember, as always, Knirps for moisture.

1 comment:

Unclemeat said...

Viva Zappadan, like

Out of 50 million+ blogs (and ever growing), at least 7 or 8 dedicated FZheads were into it for a week or so.

Some cool FZ youtube material however. Better to celebrate the Hollyday season with Dogbreath Variations than Carol of the Hells.

Alas, ah think FZ musick scares most modern PC DNC-o-crats (of course it scares the F. out of fundie xtians too). They are used to granola-y, peaceful sounds: a RNDZL or Cosmic Debris tweeks the suburban liberal's entire schema.