Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Random Ten

Howdy all 4 of you Loud Mouth Soupers out there!

Sorry that I've so negligent in posting of late but between a nasty head cold over the Thanksgiving holiday and an extraordinary volume of stuff to do at work as the impending closing of my office looms at the end of December, I've been overwhelmed with other concerns.

So, now we've dispatched with the obligatory pleasantries, here's the fuckin' ten...

No Shit--Iggy Pop
Julia--The Beatles
See No Evil--Television
Just One Victory--Todd Rundgren
Quincy Punk Episode--Spoon
My Style--Black Eyed Peas
Untouchable--Glenn Tilbrook
Walking Spanish--Tom Waits
Dead And Lovely--Tom Waits
Fire Island--Fountains Of Wayne

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Anonymous said...

this, is an excellent playlist.