Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pinter of my discontent

Man, sometimes I wish I still lived in the city. Even though my personal jury is still out on Ian McShane's acting...I'd love to go see this bad boy.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I ran across your blog because of a Google search and happened to read this entry. I'm curious what reservations you have about McShane's acting abilities. It's rare to run across comments like yours so I was wondering if you might care to explain a bit further? And by the way, thanks for the Tom Waits clip, loved it.

Cleveland Bob said...

This is from my PDA so I'll be brief. He's just a tad over the top for me. I thought his acting on Deadwood was cartoonish at best. Regardless, I'd still love to see this production.

Anonymous said...

He is a big ol' ham, you're right. I think Sexy Beast is a good example of what he can do when cast in the right part and tamed by a good director. Left to his own devices he can be too damned self-indulgent. I don't know if you recall the pilot episode of Deadwood which was directed by Walter Hill, but I think McShane seemed letter-perfect as Swearengen in that. It was when less courageous directors got hold of him that he went all Grand Guignol on everybody.

Cleveland Bob said...

Point well taken on Sexy Beast.

I has actually forgotten that he was in that and his performance was nicely understated. Then again, it would have been tough to outshine Ben Kingsley's scenery chewing in that flick (which I loved).

Thanks for reading LMS!