Monday, December 31, 2007

End Times

Mr. Kunstler is baying at the moon again this New Year's Eve and it's worth the ride so saddle up and give him 10 minutes of your time. He may seem like he's completely whacked out of his skull but the crazy MF sure can string together a sentence.

Brother Dave went to see him lecture in Appleton this Fall and said that he was a stone cold a-hole in person which I don't doubt.

However, regardless of his recurring Chicken Little themes, I dig the way he writes and having been a closet anarchist most of my sentient life, I kind of want to watch the meltdown of this American society from a front row seat. Even if he's a just a little bit correct on a few of his prognostications, we're all in it up to our pie-holes.

And so gentle readers, enjoy's later than you think. Now, I wouldn't encourage a full on GG Allin routine just yet, but go out tonite and have cocktail or eight and a nice dinner.

You may not pass this way again anytime soon.

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TOR Hershman said...

Give moi five minutes

then ten, if'in ya wants to view moi's "The Origin of Jesus Christ."

Of course, I've got, ooooooooooooh, like about an hour or so of mp3s online.

Well, anywho.....
Stay on groovin' safari,