Saturday, December 27, 2008

Harold Pinter

I know that I had already put a post up about his passing the other day, but if you've got a few minutes to read this lengthy obituary from the Guardian, it's well worth the visit. He's a very major deal in the U.K.

I've done my share of theatre but the play that sticks in my mind as my all-time favourite to perform is without doubt, The Caretaker. Harold Pinter is a primary reason I may have ever referred to myself as an actor and I think that Pinter's contribution is positively enormous to the modern stage. Playing the old man, Davies, was as difficult a task as I've ever tackled on stage.

I will always hold Pinter in great regard. Feel free to enjoy this groovy clip from the 1963 film with Alan Bates and Donald Pleasance.

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