Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Random Ten

Little Palaces -- The Costello Show
When It Rains -- X
Let's Call It Love -- Sleater-Kinney
Life Wasted -- Pearl Jam
Home To Houston -- Steve Earle
The Girl I Can't Forget -- Fountains of Wayne
Kid -- The Pretenders
It Ain't Me Babe -- Nancy Sinatra
Mothership Connection -- Parliament (getting down in 3-D)
Checkered Floor -- Silversun Pickups

1 comment:

reddyrooster said...

That's a pretty random ten. After we talked yesterday, I YouTubed the Pearl Jam - Who thingy last night. Fucking phenomenal.

BTW-- ever heard of the Dead 60s? They have a song on the "Nick and Nora..." soundtrack called "Riot on the Radio" that kicks ass-- sounds like Joe Jackson circa 1979. Lotta fun...