Thursday, July 31, 2008

He's a terrorist!

Keepin' it real with LeBron.

The one thing I always disliked about Michael Jordon was his aversion to controversy on things political when he was the most influential sports star/human on the planet. Tiger Woods has certainly picked up the mantle from Mike of passive non-confrontation that his Nike overlords require from their wage slaves.

When you think back of some of the great athletes of the very near past, Ali, Bill Russell, Jim Brown, Rosey Greer, Kareem; they were all very actively involved in the politics of their era and, if memory serves, they all stood proudly with the left.

So, good on Bron. He's taking a real risk here with the powers that be in Beaverton and probably with the NBA and the White House as well right before the Olympics. As for the fans, I doubt that there are many rabid McCain hoopsters out there.

Old man got no hops. Obama got game.

Swoosh that, muthafuckas.

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