Thursday, July 03, 2008

Toxic Curiosities

That's what Arianna Huffington called right wing radio hosts and specifically, Rush Limbaugh.

Many of you are well aware of my unending disdain for this man and his polemic of hate, racism and misogyny. Regardless, here's the link to the upcoming NYT's Sunday Magazine cover story on Big Pharma.

Go ahead and read it. I did. He's a fascinating study.

Rush, like many of his ilk, see the US as a corporatist state and not a functional democracy. They see our current form of government as socialism and unless you're partaking in the great in the obscene wealth creation of Milton Freidman's free market, laissez-faire capitalism, you're a liberal candy-ass loser.

Fuck that. Rush is a huckster and modern day plantation boss. I hope he has a massive coronary thrombosis this 4th of July.

Happy Independence Day everyone.

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