Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are We Not (really big) Men?

Some of you may be aware that my brother taught Jr. High and High School in Mayfield, OH back in the heady days of the early Eighties. Besides being really good at it, I've always been certain he had an influence on several of the youngsters in his stead like a responsible teacher should.

Well, he got an email from a former student via a Facebook connection. Turns out, a couple of young gents who remember their time fondly spent with Mr. G. developed into somewhat fanatical fans of Devo courtesy of their teacher.

So this "kid" sends Dave a picture of himself and Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh from a show of a couple of years ago that we, coincidentally enough, attended as well.

That's the picture here.

The cool part is that this kid, Dave Lieberman, "evolved" into a major league body builder and was 1991's National Physique Association Mr. Ohio and Collegiate Mr. America.

Anyway, no real reason to post this except I think that it's cool that my bro was such an influence on this dude from a musical perspective. And if you listen closely to the background music on the video, you can easily pick out the feint sounds of those wacky spudboys.

Dave Lieberman...beautiful mutant.

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