Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Random Ten

This week's FRT goes out in tribute to our great pal, Bernie Zofcin who passed away a year ago today. He is indeed missed.

The Spider And The Fly -- The Rolling Stones
Poor Side Of Town -- Nick Lowe
Bodies -- Sex Pistols
Lazy Eye -- Silversun Pickups
American Eulogy --Green Day
Town Without Pity -- Brian Setzer Orchestra
Man Ray -- The Futureheads
The Fear -- Lily Allen
Tennessee Blues -- Steve Earle
Broken -- Elvis Costello

Bonus Memorial Day Cut:

Theme From The Black Hole -- Parliament the rear march!


reddyrooster said...

Nice mix... I LOVE "Town Without Pity", although I don't know if I've heard Setzer's version-- just Pitney's with that great Perry Mason piano part.

RIP Bernie...

qtwain said...

Amen to the Bernie reference. I heard a Robyn Hitchcock song this morning that reminded me of him. Of course, a lot of things remind me of him...


Cleveland Bob said...

The Setzer cover rocks hard. I'll burn ya a copy.

The whole record is boss.