Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crystal Ball

Everyone is all worried with troll-like concern over whether the Cavs can "handle" the Orlando Magic in their 7 game series which begins tonight.

Well I've got a tonic that will cure those flutters.

The answer lies in one word: Defense. (you thought I was gonna say LeBron didn't ya?)

During the 2008-2009 the Cavaliers held opposing teams to an NBA best of 91.36 points per game. During the eight games they've played so far in the playoffs, that number is even considerably lower.

Check this out....

The scoring average for the Pistons this season was 94.3 ppg. In the four game series with the Cavs, that number was 78 ppg.

The scoring average for the Atlanta Hawks this season was 98.12 ppg. Four games later with Cleveland and that number is reduced to 80.75. That is a percentage drop of about 18 percent from each of these respective offenses. Not only that, but as each game was played, the output of Detroit and Atlanta got lower with each progressing game.

Whatever defensive motivator Mike Brown has got going with these guys it is working beautifully and will not let up in this series.

The Orlando Magic has averaged 101,04 ppg this season. According to my calculations, Orlando will then average around 82.8 ppg in their series with the Cavs.

Seeing that the Cavs are averaging 94 points per game so far in the Playoffs, that leads to a chronic 12 point differential for the Magic and a quick (5 game) exit for Dwight Howard and pals.

Here endeth the lesson.

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Brian said...

might want to tweak those numbers a bit now.