Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Deluxe Nutball Rant, with Nazis on the side

As always, I'm grateful to David Neiwert for continuing to stay on the trail of Glenn Beck.

Beck has an hour-long program on Faux News every evening @ 5:00. He also has a three hour syndicated radio show on every weekday on hundreds of local affiliates. This eight minute clip is representative of what he is saying and has been saying every day for months now about Obama's administration. He's remarkably dangerous and influential to a vast sea of sad, misled, scared and lonely people.

Glenn Beck is the most loathsome, imbecilic, self exploitative and manipulative person that may have ever had a broadcast career. He makes Father Coughlin look like a piker.

I hate Glenn Beck with the white hot intensity of ten thousand suns.

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