Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Health care video

Ya know, it pains me everyday that we continue to wage two simultaneous wars and along with a host of other social and political issues, all we seem to want to discuss these days is health care reform.

That said, I find it ever so ridiculous that all I ever hear from the corporatists is that we're the envy of the world in terms of innovation and that when you're really sick, people come to America for a cure. While those two things may be true, innovation does not at all translate in better health care. We're still way behind in terms of infant mortality and dozens of other global metrics.

Secondly, it's only the super rich who come here for major transplants and unique treatments offered no where else. The Cleveland Clinic is famous for treating major Middle Eastern players for instance but as for their local citizens...not so much.

Anyhoo, I've attached a clip from Scarborough's coffee klatch this morning with Matt Taibbi who throws down with CNBC's Cruella DeVille. She's icky.

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