Wednesday, August 05, 2009


You have to wait until the end of the clip to hear Ol' Larry give up the money shot of "wet their pants", but there's another word he blurts out at the beginning of his interview with Nurse Ratched that I'd like to examine.

When Nick and I were playing eight-ball during last winter in the basement, we coined a pejorative phrase to call ourselves upon hitting a wildly errant shot during the match.

That word is cunk. It's a hybrid curse created from the mash-up of cock and, well, you know....

Listen closely to Eagleburger at about the :57 mark in the tape and see if Larry hasn't directly ripped us off in his description of Kim Jong Il.

Larry is a whack muthafukka. Who knew?

And by the way, kudos to the Big Dog for pulling this off. Nobody does this diplomacy dance better than Bill and I'm proud he's out there noodlin' with the dials of history.

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