Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not a drop to drink

I'm continually curious as to why this topic isn't a big deal for the entirety of the desert SW beyond Las Vegas. The whole freakin' place could shrivel up in a matter of a couple of years one day relatively and while there is a general sense of concern, there appears to be little urgency in advance of that inevitability.


Anonymous said...

I as well have been speaking to this for sometime now and do not seem to get much reaction or concern. Long live the Great Lakes.

M88 said...

They talked about that on the Drudge Report in the summer of 2007
one day somebody is going to flush a toilet in one of those massive hotels and there will go the last gallon of water in Las Vegas.
Gary The Numbers Guy on WTAM 1100said the next big war is going to be over water.