Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Random Ten

Welcome To The East -- Wyclef Jean
Unforgiven -- John Doe
The Cold Hard Facts Of Life -- John Doe and The Sadies
Turn Around -- Carl Perkins
I'm Always Touched By Your Presence -- Tracy Ullman
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts -- X
Beauty Queen -- Roxy Music
The Gymnast, High Above The Ground -- The Decemberists
Oxycontin Blues -- Steve Earle
Rip It Up -- Little Richard

Opening Night extra cut...

Battered Old Bird -- Elvis Costello

I've no clue as to rationale behind the three-peat of John Doe stuff. The iPod is a funny machine. I do know that while too infrequently updated, that this is one of my fave bookmarks on that innertubey thingy.



reddyrooster said...

In re: blog post title

Probs with your "A" and "Y" keys or an oblique tribute to the actor that will forever be "Barnabas Collins"?

I distort, you reply...

Cleveland Bob said...

'tis fixed. Now get back to work.