Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Random Ten (leaf raking edition)

Our Little Angel -- Elvis Costello & The Attractions
You're All I Have -- Snow Patrol
El Capitalisimo Foraneo -- Gotan Project
Daddy Sang Bass -- Johnny Cash
Venus -- Bananarama
Sponji Reggae -- Black Uhuru
Don't Cut Your Hair -- The Pretenders
Paper Tiger -- Spoon
Taxi Cab -- Vampire Weekend
Sofa No. 2 -- Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

bonus cut(s):

Violin Concerto In E The Four Seasons (Spring) -- Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
3:00 AM Blues -- Dick Hyman Group


reddyrooster said...

You are one weird dude... and that goes for yourl ittle iPod, too...

Cleveland Jeff said...

Now that it's all loaded on your Pod, it's nice to see the variety (classical, jazz) as well as the occasional embarrassing pop moment (Bananarame!), not to mention Zappa's Sofa No. 2, a fine moment from George Duke's tenure with the band.