Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Random Ten

I'm Your Toy -- Elvis Costello
No Show Jones -- Chris Difford
Rains On Me -- Tom Waits
Sunday -- k.d. Lang
Lights Out -- The Posies
Pyscho Killer -- Talking Heads
Adrenalin -- Throbbing Gristle
Next To You -- The Police
Bottomliners -- Brian Eno
Tonight -- Iggy Pop

Post Election Blues Bonus Cut:

March Of Greed -- Pere Ubu

1 comment:

reddyrooster said...

Posies! Seeing them tonight w/ Brendan Benson from the Raconteurs opening. Highlight of this fucked up week.

Perfect bonus cut, too. In fact, just about the whole FRT is apropos of this goddamned election...