Monday, November 22, 2010

Stop Making Sense

Nick Baumann over at Mother Jones writes the column that I've been looking to read for a while now long before the phrase, "don't touch my junk" entered our everyday parlance.

America is such a weird place as it relates to security. I've traveled a fair bit abroad and no place even remotely approaches the ham-fisted approach we take to airport security here in the United States of Awesome.

I once made the mistake of transporting my boss' laptop back from the Netherlands as he was staying on for an extended holiday in Europe. The volume of questions and increasingly panicky responses I supplied the stern, yet friendly Dutch security was truly a daunting experience for moi.

America instead reverts to some kind of kabuki show of force by making everyone feel as is they're being sent to jail when entering the airport terminal. Silly and wasteful.

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