Saturday, January 05, 2008

Posthumous Friday Random Ten

So...that's what? two Fridays in a row that I've missed the FRT? Sorry about that, folks.

One would think that since I'm not working at present I would actually have more time for mindless bloggagoria stuff, but au contraire, mon freres.

I've been far too busy watching missed episodes of Extras and Flight of the Conchords on HBO On Demand to fritter away my days with Intertubes nonsense. And since I couldn't give a rat's patooti as to who won the Iowa caucuses, I've been less than interested with the political side of the World Wide Web.

Not to worry thought dear freinds, I'll be back in the swim next week. until then, here's a Saturday edition of the Ten.

This Fffire--Franz Ferdinand
A Lonely Man--T Bone Burnett
Big Time--Peter Gabriel
Get Behind The Mule--Tom Waits
Pinhead--The Ramones
Edible Flowers--The Finn Brothers
When I Get Home--The Beatles
M.I.A.--Foo Fighters

Bonus Track:

She's Not Mine Anymore--Robert Gordon

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